Why Students Choose L4L

Why Students Choose L4L

Our students love attending our schools because at Learn4Life, you are in control. Thinking about enrolling? This is what you can expect when you walk through our doors.

I can be myself.

Unapologetically and proudly. Along with all the other emotions, commitments, passions and complexities that make me a human being.

I can feel safe.

I am a human being. Not a statistic or grade point average. Feeling safe at school is a right, not a privilege.

I can manage my own time.

Yes, I need to attend classes, take tests and finish assignments. But today’s world is different. Allow me to work where I want to work and in the hours that work best for me and my family.

I can have fun.

I spend most of my waking hours at school. For me to be productive and love it, there needs to be more lighthearted moments. Learning is much more effective when I’m enjoying it.

I can make mistakes.

If I’m allowed to make a mistake, I can learn from it and grow.

I can be heard.

When I talk, my education doesn’t interrupt. I can talk to my teacher and tell them my thoughts. And they will listen. Even if they disagree.

I can feel seen.

I am not invisible. Whether you are a teacher, principal, secretary, janitor or school board member, when you walk by me in the hall, please just say “hello.”

I can demand more.

I demand to be given the attention and respect I deserve, especially at school.

I can learn anything.

There are many opportunities for me to grow. Don’t put me in a box. Allow me to take on new opportunities and projects, even if they are outside the curriculum.

I can handle the truth.

Actually, I demand the truth. Even if I am not happy with the truth, my teachers and principals must be authentic and honest with me. School should be a relationship, not an institution. A relationship built on trust, acceptance, communication, support and reciprocity.

I can be a part of something bigger.

I can change my story.

I can change THE story.

I can control my future.

I can Learn4Life.